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Structurally hosted orogenic-style gold mineralization


Accessible by gravel roads extending from the Klondike Highway, that support active placer mining operations



  • The White Gold Area, Dawson Range, Yukon
  • Approximately 60 km south of Dawson City, 25 km northeast of the Golden Saddle Deposit (Kinross Gold Corporation)

Project Highlights

Independence Gold Corp. has completed two seasons of field work at Henderson. Exploration has been focused on the southern end of the property, in the vicinity of an active placer mining operation. Work has included airborne geophysical surveying, geochemical soil sampling, geological mapping and prospecting. Two diamond drill target areas have been identified from a combination of bedrock alteration patterns, a favourable structural setting and high concentrations of coarse placer gold.

Gold nuggets recovered from North Henderson Creek

Exploration Summary

The Henderson Property is situated within a prolific placer mining camp. Exploration to date has focused on discovering the bedrock source of the abundant placer gold found along the southern stretches of North Henderson Creek. Detailed mapping of geological structures shows a series of inferred normal, thrust and shear faults underlying the creek valley; these faults typically intersect at angles of 60 and 120 degrees. Fault intersections can provide excellent pathways for gold-bearing, mineralizing fluids.

Abundant, coarse placer gold has been recovered from creek gravels that overlie inferred fault intersections at two places on North Henderson Creek. The Company believes that gold-bearing quartz veins may be emplaced along some of these intersecting fault structures. Thus, these areas are targets to be tested by future diamond drilling.

Henderson Work Summary



Geophysics (line km)


Soil Sampling


Trenching (#(m))



The Henderson Property is almost entirely underlain by Devonian to Mississippian age rocks belonging to the Simpson Range Plutonic Suite. Granitic orthogneiss, amphibolite, granodiorite and gabbro are the most abundant rock types within the Simpson Range Suite.

The southern portion of the property has been mapped in more detail. Here, moderately to strongly foliated, equigranular, potassium feldspar augen-bearing granitic orthogneiss is the most abundant rock type. The second most abundant rock is foliated, equigranular, biotite-quartz paragneiss. There are also smaller amounts of biotite-quartz schist and marble.

Various structural features including faults, late igneous dykes and sills have been identified on the southern portion of the Henderson property. The intersections of these structures can provide excellent pathways for mineralizing fluids.

The bedrock is intensely fractured where faults intersect along North Henderson Creek. These fractures enhance permeability, allowing groundwater to percolate through, and oxidize, the bedrock at the fault intersections. These areas of oxidized and altered rock contain pyrite and hematite, both of which are commonly associated with structurally hosted gold mineralization throughout the White Gold Area.


The Company has a 100% interest in the Henderson Property, which was acquired by staking in 2011.

Maps & Figures

Project Claims Map
Project Claims Map

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