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Nicoamen Property


  • ~3,332 hectares
  • 9 claims


Epithermal vein system


Paved highway and well maintained logging roads

Nicoamen Property


  • The Spences Bridge Gold Belt, southern BC
  • Approximately 40 km northwest of Westhaven Gold Inc.’s Shovelnose property

Project Highlights

The Nicoamen Property comprises nine mineral claims (3,332 hectares) and contains several anomalous zones identified by soil geochemical sampling, an Induced Polarization (“IP”) geophysical survey and ground geophysics.  The Discovery Zone, traced for over 75 m, is a series of narrow, rhythmically banded, chalcedonic quartz veinlets ranging from 1 to 20 cm in width, with one vein in excess of 10 m in length.  Trench samples returned assays of 0.5 grams/tonne (“g/t”) gold (“Au”) over 4.9 m and 3.19 g/t Au over 0.2 m.  A composite sample of quartz vein float collected 600 m northwest of the Discovery Zone returned 64.87 g/t Au.  Mineralization at the West Zone is associated with a broad area of disseminated pyrite hosted in silicified and brecciated feldspathic rocks.  The Canyon and Central Zones are both untested resistivity anomalies with coincident anomalous gold-arsenic soil geochemistry.

Project Summary

Comprehensive mapping of the Property took place over several phases in 2019 where a total of 41 samples were collected from vein and country rocks exposed at surface. Samples with “Au” values greater than 0.5 g/t were all derived from chalcedonic quartz veins with dark sulphide bands, which have been defined as belonging to a ‘low sulphidation epithermal’ style deposit. The veins are found cross-cutting volcanic rocks of the Lower Cretaceous Spences Bridge Group and the later Eocene Kamloops Group. Samples collected from the Property returned grades of up to 4.46 g/t Au and were found at several locations across the property. Follow up sampling of the veins in 2020 confirmed previous results with results ranging from 1.39 to 2.13 g/t Au.

A ground-based magnetic survey was also completed in 2019 which covered the central area of the property. Results indicate an arcuate feature striking northwest to southeast and likely represents the faulted, unconformable contact between the Permo-Triassic Mount Lytton intrusive complex to the south and the Lower Cretaceous volcanics to the north. The quartz veins located in the four zones strike parallel to this contact zone, and either occur as singular veins (i.e. Zak East) or multiple parallel veins (i.e. Zak). It is believed that additional veins are present in these areas but are obscured by overburden, therefore each target remains open.

Highlights from each zone include:

Zone / Target Size (m) Notes Gold (g/t) *
Zak 235 x 100 Several parallel chalcedonic quartz veins 3.91
Zak East - Single vein discovered at target site 4.46
Nicoamen River 100 x 50 Cluster of chalcedonic veins 1.44
North Zone - Single quartz vein specimen 0.67

*highest values

Zak Zone

The Zak Zone consists of several parallel-striking veins within volcanic rocks and granodioritic dykes. Each vein exhibits dark sulphide bands within chalcedonic quartz, a classic low-sulphidation texture. The site is also a “Mineral Showing” (MinFile Number 092ISW131), where in 2005 samples from trench DZT05-3 assayed returned up to 2.27 g/t Au and averaged 1.77 g/t Au over 3.5 meters (“m”). Sampling in 2009 returned values up to 0.52 g/t Au across 4.9m, including 3.19 g/t Au across 0.2m. In 2004, a float sample of iron- stained angular chalcedonic quartz, taken 600 meters northwest of the main zone, assayed 64.87 g/t Au.

Observations in the field suggest that the Zak, Zak East and Nicoamen River Zones are all a part of the same system of parallel shears that follow the contact defined in the magnetic work. Further infill sampling will be undertaken to determine if the veins and associated grades are continuous.


Independence Gold signed a Letter of Intent with Almadex Minerals to acquire up to a 60% interest in the Nicoamen Property located in the Spences Bridge Gold Belt of southern British Columbia.

Maps & Figures

Regional Location
Regional Location
Magnetics and Gold Results
Geology and Gold Results
Geology and Gold Results

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