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Anita Property


  • 2,841 hectares
  • 6 claims


Epithermal vein system


Paved highway and well maintained logging roads

Anita Property


  • The Spences Bridge Gold Belt, southern BC
  • Approximately 10 km southeast of Westhaven Gold Corp.'s Shovelnose Gold property

Project Highlights

The Anita project was acquired in 2019 to increase land holdings in the Spences Bridge Gold Belt. The property covers three mineral showings with either historical copper or gold anomalies and is underlain by Nicola Group volcanic rocks and later Jurassic granodiorite intrusions. Extensive work on the neighbouring Sadim claims to the east discovered gold-bearing veins that trend under the Anita property and could be related to the contact zone between the intrusive rocks and the earlier volcanics.

Project Summary

The project is on Highway 5A, 30 kilometers north of Princeton and 45 kilometers south of Merritt. Anita is comprised of six mineral tenures totalling 2,841 hectares. The project covers three historical mineral showings, the Al, Cindy and Anita showings.

The Anita showing produced grades up to 19,800 parts per billion (19.8 grams per tonne) gold during trenching in 1988. The Al showing was first recognized in 1972, and several copper anomalies up to 540 parts per million were identified during a 1980 exploration program. The Cindy showing was also discovered in 1972 and hosts abundant pyrite with minor chalcopyrite.

Work by Independence Gold was limited in 2019 to prospecting, where 18 samples were collected from across the site in late August. These samples indicated anomalous copper (up to 246ppm) and gold (up to 37 ppb) within veins but was no means an exhaustive study of the project.

Work was suspended in 2020 due to the pandemic but is due to resume in 2021 with ground magnetic surveys to identify potential structures and to tie them into neighbouring anomalies.


Independence Gold owns 100% of the Anita Claims.

Anita Location Map
Anita Location Map
Anita Tenure Map
Anita Tenure Map
Anita Geology Map
Anita Geology Map

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